17th Anniversary T-shirt Design!

We are all getting excited for Easton's upcoming Edge of 17 event ! We are celebrating 17 years of building community at this annual Memorial Day weekend fundraising event with a gala dinner where we will be honoring an activist, philanthropist and volunteer of the year, workshops, live entertainment and more ! Since the great Stevie 's has a song called Edge of 17, we themed the weekend ... 

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Easton MountainComment
What Is Tantra?

Tantra is the ultimate fusion of your sexual energy and your spirituality. These create states of bliss and ecstasy and in Buddhist and Hindu traditions are a path to your enlightenment. Modern Tantra blends these historic teachings together with ... 

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Jason TantraComment

My partner and I have been together for more than 30 years.  Early in our relationship we realized that we grew up on the exact opposite sides of the “body image” scale.  Rob was the “fat kid” and Steve was the “skinny kid”.  During Rob’s formative years, he experimented with many different diets – some with success and some ... 

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Gay Spirituality and Easton Mountain

For many, the idea of “gay spirituality” seems like taking the “gay” thing one step too far. We have too much of gay this and gay that. After all, there doesn’t seem to be a “heterosexual spirituality.” The need for this designation arises out of the impact of various kinds of oppression. Thus, we do have bodies of work on “women’s spirituality” and “black spirituality.” They have allowed us, even with ... 

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Harry FaddisComment

One of my fondest Easton memories is standing naked near the upper pond on a bright sunny summer day, getting spritzed down with lube by Moss Tidd, then sliding gleefully head first down a long slippy slide as naked men on each of side of me cheered. The playful, innocent, unadulterated joy that

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Wil FisherComment