What Is Tantra?

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Tantra is the ultimate fusion of your sexual energy and your spirituality. These create states of bliss and ecstasy and in Buddhist and Hindu traditions are a path to your enlightenment. Modern Tantra blends these historic teachings together with other Neo (new) Tantric practices to offer you a unique and powerful journey.

The Tantra we teach is dedicated to the personal, spiritual and sexual growth of gay and bisexual men through Tantra. If you are looking for a way forward, a way to enrich your life, to give it purpose and meaning then maybe we can help you in this quest.

Tantra delinates a multitude of esoteric beliefs and practices within hinduism and buddhism which have a long standing tradition reaching back to at least the 8th century. In its original meaning, Tantra is a mystical pathway, an accumulation of practices that have in common extensive use of ritual and of psycho-experiential techniques such as yoga, visualisation, and meditation.

In its modern form, Tantra has a slightly different meaning, referring to both new age and modern western interpretations of traditional Tantra, brought forward by pioneers of the so-called Neo-tantra since the 1970s. These teachings consider sex as a sacred act which is capable of elevating its participants to a higher spiritual plane. They all show how sexual energy can be transformed into ecstatic experiences. To reach this aim, they offer a wide range of techniques, containing elements originating from fields such as bodywork, breath work, yoga, and meditation.

What we teach is rooted in this new tradition of modern tantra, but adjusted to your special needs as men who love men. As we comprehend it, Tantra4GayMen is a body-oriented method of spiritual self-development that, unlike other practices, starts from your sexuality. Tantra4GayMen means that we teach a set of very powerful exercises, stemming both from the Neo Tantric movement and from various currents of bodywork and psychotherapy. In practice, in our seminars you will encounter elements of meditation, massage, breathwork, energy work, movement, communication exercises and intimate exercises and rituals.

Together, these create that amazing, yet very personal state of mind which we call "Tantric", a special mixture of bliss, ecstasy, love, and persisting feelings of deepened connection and heightened awareness of yourself, other people, and the wonderful cosmos surrounding you.

Two men, shirtless, touching foreheads.

Two men, shirtless, touching foreheads.

Tantra as a Spiritual Practice: 

Tantra can connect you with the universal energy that means whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, Tantra can provide you with the energy to connect with that in a more powerful way than you may have experienced before. Maybe it is spirit guides, angels, Jesus, Buddha or nothing at all. Tantra enables you to connect with whatever you identify or don't identify as your beliefs.

Universal energy can be described as "life energy". The electricity in our bodies that enables us to live and move, the life force that enables plants and trees to grow, the universal energy that creates and maintains our universe. It is all around us. Tantra can help you tap into the highest forms, the spiritual parts of this energy, to enable you to have a cosmic connection with yourself, other people and with the universe itself.

Regular Tantric practice can bring you to a point where the energy becomes even more subtle, even more rich and glorious in a way that can feel you have a total connection with the heavens and the universe. Imagine an orchestra and in the beginning you are hearing the whole orchestra play. As your ears become more accustomed to the orchestra you are able to pick out certain instruments and then certain melodies and rhythms of particular instruments. Regular Tantric practice can be described in this way as your experience and your ability to feel different energies increase.

Through rituals and exercises you will have the opportunity to experience connections with the highest spiritual energies in a safe and loving environment where you are accepted just as you are. You are respected as an individual with your own ideas, beliefs and way of life. You maybe invited to open yourself and experience different aspects, but we respect your individual choices and will work with you on your journey.

6 men standing with eyes closed, meditating.

6 men standing with eyes closed, meditating.

Tantra as part of your Sex Life:

In our work, we offer you exercises and rituals that offer you the possibility to come into contact with yourself and with others in an intimate, sensual and sexual way. All exercises and rituals are offered, so it is not compulsory to take part in anything you feel uncomfortable with. It is your free choice. Tantra aims to show you techniques and practices to help you experience your orgasmic and blissful state. In Tantra it is believed that through this blissful state you can experience what it is to become enlightened. To feel like you have become one with everything around you. Our techniques and rituals build slowly and grow in intensity the further you progress through the course framework offered by Tantra4gaymen.

It is normal to feel excited and anxious and sometimes even terrified as the course intensity grows. We will show you new ways to experience your sexuality. New ways to share with other like-minded men. New ways to explore your ecstatic self. New ways to heal, develop and grow through your sexual energy and your sexuality. We will actively celebrate what it is to feel sexual and spiritual leading you towards the ultimate union with yourself and others. We will teach you techniques to truly connect

with others in the most profound and deepest levels of intimacy that you may never have experienced before.

Tantra as a Social Experience: 

When you meet in Tantra you will share some very deep and personal experiences with a like minded group of gay, bi or trans men. Like you they have come to Tantra for a whole variety of different reasons. Maybe it is develop spiritually, maybe to gain a greater understanding of themselves, to experience their sexuality in a different way or even to meet and build friendships like minded men in love, intimacy and connection.

Two men standing with eyes closed.

Two men standing with eyes closed.

At Tantra4gaymen we actively encourage and provide online mechanisms for you to stay in touch with each other as a group and also with the wider Tantra4gaymen community. In our courses and events we encourage you to spend time together, to share your experiences, to build trust and intimacy with each other. Time is given to explore your experiences as a group together. Maybe after you have attended a course or special event you may choose to get together to continue your tantric practice in your every day life. Taking the techniques and practices and sharing them together.

We believe that Tantra is a chosen way of living and experiencing life. It is not just about the practices but also the people you choose to share that with. Having access to a gay, bi or trans tantric community can create infinite possibilities for you. Some events we may offer can be more social rather than a learning environment and we aim to offer a range of different ways to share a being in your tantric way of being.

Tantra as part of your day to day life

What is practised at in Tantra can help by turning your everyday grey into amazing technicolour. By connecting to all of your energy and potential through different doing meditations, exercises and rituals in a spiritual and sexual way it can give you a new perspective. A new way to see your everyday life.

If you sometimes feeling depressed, lonely, stressed or feeling you are carrying a lead weight round with you; our tantric practice can give you a framework for everyday life. By regular practice of the exercises, meditations and rituals it can help to give you a new sense of optimism in your life. We understand we can not say exactly how each person is, but these are comments made by fellow tantrics that practice on a regular basis.

Tantra can help to improve your self confidence, self-esteem and your every day outlook.

Imagine you are going to a supermarket and instead of feeling rushed, trying to get out as soon as possible imagine a new possibility. Imagine seeing things with a new perspective, seeing the vibrant and rich fresh vegetables in all their amazing colours, smells and glory and feeling the ecstasy in that moment. Or, imagine you are on a train journey and instead of wishing it would hurry up, you glance outside the window and see the full beauty of nature. The greenness of the grass, the cows in the field and a feeling of total connection with everything around you.

Tantra aims to help you feel connected with everything and everyone around you and give you a richness and vitality in your everyday life.

In essence it brings you completely back to your “being” rather than your :doing” 

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