by Wil Fisher
Easton Mountain is a beautiful and welcoming place full of life, love, and possibility. It is a sacred space that is vital to the LGBTQ movement. It is a space that is intentionally separate from the “default” world, where people can gather to try out new ways of being in the world, and new ways of connecting to each other, to our planet, and to spirit.  

Easton Mountain invites all members and allies of the LGBTQ community who share the values held here into its loving arms. Easton is a place for people to come to when they need to feel safe and loved; when they want to grow personally and spiritually; when they need to grieve and heal; when they want to celebrate and play; and when they want to connect and build community.

As the LGBTQ community gains rights and acceptance from society at large, we are in danger of losing our unique culture and spirit. As “outsiders” we have always had easier access to stepping out of the heteronormative paradigm that is filled with faults that few question. We are quickly losing our “outsider” status - which is a beautiful and positive thing - but we can’t let go of what being on the outside has historically given us access to. We must come together as a community, bound by a history of oppression and our triumphs over those oppressions, to continue to celebrate the uniqueness of our experiences and our spirits. Now, more than ever, we must continue to question the heteronormative path, and cultivate and nourish LGBTQ spaces that allow us to step outside of that path. Easton is one of these spaces, and it is vital that it flourishes.

At Easton, we provide space for people to create lives that foster:

·       connecting face to face;

·       celebrating our bodies and the spirit of eros;

·       fully expressing our true selves;

·       helping our community members in need;

·       respecting the environment and finding ways to live in the world that are less harmful to our planet;

·       lovingly speaking our truths;

·       celebrating the divine masculine and divine feminine is all of us; and

·       connecting to nature.

We do this by co-creating a culture that cultivates those values at Easton and empowers people to bring those values into their everyday lives. At Easton Mountain we can continue co-creating new paradigms that we can then share with the people in our lives. By this simple and loving act, together we will create positive change in this world.