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And, for future planning, here are some future events coming up at Easton.  There are even more things coming, so stay tuned!

Winter Spirit Camp, Feb 17-20

Journey to Elderhood, Mar 17-19

Gay Men of African Descent, April 7-9

Take a Breath, Apr 20-23

Journey to Easter, Apr 27-29

Kink Odyssey, Jun 8-11

Wellness Camp, Jun 14-18

Gay Freedom Camp, Jun 30 - Jul 4

Eros Spirit Camp, Jul 17-23

Gay Spirit Camp, Jul 31 - Aug 6

Bear Your Soul Summer Camp, Aug 16-20

Camp Nehirim, Aug 23-27

Q-Topia, Sep 1-4

Singles Retreat, Oct 6-9

Men's Inner Journey, Oct 12-15