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(Membership Director)

Mike has lived at Easton Mountain since 2013. Mike is a highly intuitive and strategic professional life coach specializing in partnering with clients to design their next breakthroughs personally and professionally. Mike brings to Easton a rich spiritual life that integrates elements of eastern and western traditions while being bound exclusively to none. For the first two years he was the Volunteer Coordinator, and currently serves as both the Director of Membership and Rental Coordinator. He is also a member of the executive leadership team. Recently, Mike took on the task of organizing the quarterly Easton Mountain Newsletters. For the past 3 years Mike has facilitated the very popular Singles Retreat during Columbus Day weekend. He is also a regular facilitator during Easton Mountain’s retreats exploring Christian spirituality. During Easton Mountain Camps, Mike is a popular presenter whose favorite topics explore whole-person wellbeing, ways ancient traditions enrich modern living, and various methods that help us transform past stumbling blocks into stepping stones for a brighter future. For his Master of Arts degree, Mike wrote on the work of Joseph Campbell and “the Hero’s Journey”. Mike delights in sharing conversation with guests exploring spirituality and personal growth. Mike holds instructor level credentials in several Southeast Asian martial arts and a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is a certified sommelier and has worked as a wine director and manager for several notable NYC restaurants. Kayaking and snowboarding are two of his favorite activities.