Candy's Corner: Candy for President

"I've noticed lately the heaviness in energy around myself and others and I can't help but wonder how much all of this election campaign is taking its toll on us.  Regardless of who you're voting for (I can't vote for anyone who doesn't wear high heels darlings!), it's been a non-stop barrage, and I for one have had enough!
Let's bring back glamor and sparkles and play!!!"

"Candy for President"

Some may have noticed, perhaps most
Last month I did not write a post

I have to say and I'm not lying
It was not for lack of trying

3 times I started, went to scribe
But my words would run and hide

All locked down, guards at their station
Refused lyrical liberation

Try as I might, could not get free
I didn't have a rhyme in me!

I checked in with what I was feeling
Heavy weight and mind was reeling

So overwhelmed I couldn't think
I felt myself begin to shrink

Not to mention our consignment
Of recent planetary alignment

To top it off, this stinking dump
Of Hilary and Donald Trump

Politics at every turn
Hateful words - when will we learn!?!?

I cannot read another line
It clings like electoral slime

I had to cleanse and breathe and smudge
To remove all this political sludge

No more warrants for email
Sniping jabs or threats of jail

I've had enough, let's get it over
Clear the air, bring this to closure

I want honestly to be inspired
And trust the leader we have hired

To know with greatest certainty
They understand humanity

So, I open up my heart today
In hope that things go the right way

Shine your beautiful light dear men
Let's bring our rainbow back again!!

Focus on what's good and right
And cast our vote election night!

Candy (Scott Harris) will be leading a weekend on dating, Someone For Me, Jan. 19-22,

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