Candy's Corner - Fall in Love

Hello Darlings, I do hope you’ve all had a gorgeous summer!  It’s hard to believe this season is ending already.  Not to worry, because here on the mountain, fall is one of the most spectacular, romantic and fun seasons of all.  Breathtaking scenery, cozy moments and a gentle pace.

What better way to lift your spirits and spice up your days than with a visit to Easton Mountain?

Come Fall in Love with us at this year’s Singles Retreat – Columbus Day Weekend: 

“Fall In Love”


The fire crackles loudly

Smell of smoke filling the air

You wrap your arms around me

Feel so warm and cozy there


The warmth of your breath

Soothes like music to my soul

Your steady grip surrounds me

Secure, solid, gentle, whole


Your head rests on my shoulder

Stubbled face, cheek to cheek

As the night grows colder

Warmth from you is what I seek


Your hands around my face

You place a kiss upon my head

With tenderness and grace

Like you hear what my heart said


You pull me close and tight

And we snuggle, eye to eye

Smiling, knowing this is right

Glorious, tranquil feeling….sigh


A night so complete

Yet the start of so much more

As I sit between your feet

So excited to explore


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