Candy's Corner - Come Out, Come Out!

It is a time for giving thanks, a time for gratitude.  I am grateful for having you all in my life, all of your wonderful spirits, talents and beautiful light - So shine bright my loves!  

“Come Out, Come Out!”

Who YOU are is a GIFT

Who YOU are is GOLD

Elemental, on the level

Let your truth unfold

Bring your spirit’s silver lining

Your heart to bear

You are rolling, you are shining

Bring your light to share

Come out, come out!

See the world in view

You are standing on the platform

I will harbor you

You thought you were the only one

You are not alone, you are NOT alone!

Who WE are is a GIFT

Who WE are is GOLD

Elemental, on the level

Let our truth unfold

Bring our spirit’s silver lining

Our hearts to bear

We are rolling, we are shining

We bring our light to share

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