Candy's Corner - Oh Christmas Tree

A little ditty to get you in the holiday spirit - May your holidays be filled with love, joy, connection and peace! - Hugs, Candy.  

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!”

The most exciting day on Earth

Was when our attic would give birth

Sometime around Mid-December

The magic sparked, as I remember

When Dad would climb in to the loft

At our house on Bramble Croft

And maneuver out, till it was free

Our plastic, 70's Christmas tree

People tell you and proclaim

"Plastic trees are not the same!"

"That real trees smell of fresh cut pine"

Well yes they do and that's all fine!

Back to my story, more to tell

For me, there's nothing like that smell

See back then, our tree-lights were not

Like those today..........they got hot!

And as they glowed, a gorgeous sight

The tree would melt on to the lights

Fusing tree, tinsel was next

The Angel watching quite perplexed

With plastic trees no needles fell

Yet, indeed, they had a smell

It was not fresh and was not pine

But to me, it smelled divine

There's nothing that's more "Christmassy"

I love the smell of melted tree

So you can keep your firs and pine

This wonderful Christmas memory's mine!

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