Candy's Corner: Someone for Me

“Someone For Me”

Been out on a thousand dates

Winners, losers, good to great

Glad though I stuck to my guns

Wanting more than sexy buns


Just when I got right to the end

Almost drove me around the bend

I didn't know what else to do

Or how on earth I would find you


I thought I'd take another look

Just then I happened on this book

It spoke of more than getting action

Deeper dating and attraction


I studied hard (cos that's just me)

Dedicated busy bee

And even though this book is gold

I noticed something else take hold


Core gifts ablaze and honoring

Why was my head still in a spin?

With all I read, all that I'd learned

How come I was still getting burned?


There's something more to this attraction

Something forcing my reaction

Sends me on tough dating missions

Against my wiser intuition


A drive so fierce, real animal

I couldn't fight it at all

Aha, it's primal, built right in

Designed to have us mate and win


The chemicals that do conspire

To procreate, yet walk the wire

Of hot and fiery, lustful moves

Versus a man who's actions prove


Through kindness, sensitivity

The kind of man I want for me

Awake to this primordial trick

Mother Nature’s very slick!


I ventured on a brand new start

And this time leading with my heart

Holy God, praise The Lord

Seems my wishes weren't ignored


I found a way at last that works

A dating compass to dodge the jerks

That leads me in the right direction

To make my romantic selection


The fog has lifted, clear as day

Now I get to have a say

The Universe aligns you see

Delivering someone for me

I am thrilled to be leading a weekend retreat on dating, called "Someone For Me," Jan. 19-22.” 

This retreat is designed to take the guesswork out of dating and help you attract your perfect guy!

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