Flashback Friday - Episode 61, The One Year Retreat

In November of 2012, a group of men joined facilitators Kai Ehrhardt and Volker Moritz at Easton for the start of a one-year adventure.

No, they didn't spend the whole year at Easton Mountain, but they did have five modules here each lasting five or six days - and each with a different theme:

  • Eros
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Human Potential
  • Love

After the second module, Kai had a video-taped conversation with Wil Fisher in which he gave his philosophy behind the training.  The video was billed as a "Tub Talk" though they were sitting on the top of a closed hot tub.

Kai will be at Easton Mountain in two weeks to lead a three-day retreat, Authentic Eros - The Core Erotic Theme (Oct 27-39); and on Thursday, December 15, a new group of men will have the opportunity to start a one-year adventure with him - the Authentic Eros One Year Training.