Flashback Friday - Episode 68, Burning Art

Easton Mountain has had many moments when someone created a work of art. a ritual, or a happening - at first without much fanfare, but then catching our attention in a meaningful way.

In 2006 we had three Gay Spirit Camps. During the second one, a summer volunteer named Tesek, who was an artist from New Orleans, was busy in his spare time creating a sculpture on the edge of what was then the volleyball court. He made it by tying branches together. Here are two pictures of him at work.

Man tying sticks together to make a sculpture
Man finishing sculpture

And here is his the final creation.

Sculpture made of sticks

He was still working on it on the last full day of camp. After dark, we all gathered in a circle to see Tesek and an assistant, with appropriate ceremony, set fire to his sculpture.

Two men setting fire to the sculpture

Gay Spirit camp always has certain elements you can depend on: massage, sauna, music, workshops, and meals with great food - but there is also an element of surprise, something that sets one camp apart, something that will never be repeated at another camp, but will always be remembered by those who were there.

The 2017 Summer Gay Spirit Camp runs from July 31 through August 6.