Flashback Friday - Episode 77, A Drag Race

No, not with automobiles!  Just some fun with dresses, wigs, padded bras and high heels.

Men putting on drag.

Many men who come to Easton Mountain have no interest in drag; for a few the drag salon - known as "the Candy Store" - is the most important room in he Lodge; and for the rest of us, drag may be a way to have a relaxing break in an Easton Mountain day filled with yoga, meditation, discussion, massage and other tools of personal development and transformation.

Here's how that break played out one afternoon in 2015.

For two days, four days or six days of fun and renewal, where you get to choose the programs you want and whether you want to go in drag, check out Summer Splash (June 23 to 25), Gay Freedom Camp (June 30 to July 4), and Summer Gay Spirit Camp (July 31 to August 6).

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