Hard Core Tantra – The Most Extreme Therapy

The following is an article by Jason Tantra expressing his vision of Tantra as a "journey of spiritual development."

If you're serious about Tantra as a Spiritual journey, read this article: Tantra is certainly not for the faint hearted or for those with a gentle disposition. It’s funny because over the years in teaching Tantra I can see it appeals to everyone for the right reason. The idea of experiencing the intimacy that our beings crave. Tantra could promise the best sex, the best love, the best spiritual journey - all possible within the realms of Tantra. It can really offer the most amazing miracles and touches you in ways, which imprints on the very DNA of your soul. It’s likely to offer experiences so profound that you’d struggle to find words to describe how soul uplifting it is. It can take you home in a true and deep way.  Aaaaaahhhhhh yes Tantra can offer a mystical path. Experiences that you can’t describe, and becomes deep rooted in your heart. When you see our pictures of how Tantra works, it’s a melting invitation. Part of you will long to remember how it was to feel this carefree … to feel this free. The marketing I and others use show the most intimate, the most beautiful connections with other humans and shows the possibility in how Tantra can benefit you and your life.

Tantra’s a journey of spiritual development, so I admit it’s not for everyone. Why is that? Because in one sentence;

“Tantra will confront you with the very things which stop you and / or that get in the way of you experiencing this profound intimacy, love and sex on a day to day basis”.

If your life is everything you want it to be (an enlightened experience), then you won’t need us. I often say in our workshops that Tantra is the fastest pathway to enlightenment, and it is, but it’s totally an oxymoron. On the one hand it can offer you the most ecstatic and enlightening experiences and on the other hand it can be so damn bloody difficult. You may experience feeling stuck, perhaps in ways you haven’t before. I sometimes say, relax, let go and everything will be fine. You see, the things that you may find difficult in Tantra aren’t there by the practice of Tantra; instead the practice of Tantra shows you where you’re stuck, and often not in the most elegant or sophisticated way.

The only thing you’ll need is commitment. No matter how hard it can feel the higher part of yourself knows you’re here for a reason. For example, you may be healing past wounds or becoming free of what constricts you and holds you back in your life. You may feel your life is monotonous and has no real purpose. Quite often Tantra can pick you up, shake you and shag you up the arse and then throw you back down. At times Tantra can confront you and sometimes you will need to trust it, even when you don’t know the end result. Nobody ever reached states of “Bliss” by being in control, it just can’t happen. So, I reiterate - the only thing you need for Tantra is commitment.

Jason and his husband Ingo will be hosting the Tantra 4 Gay Men Festival, August 8-13, 2017, at Easton Mountain.