Meet Moss Tidd

Goofy picture of Rob putting a nail into Moss's head

If we were to take a poll of who has brought the most fun to Easton Mountain, it's quite possible that Moss Tidd's name would be at the top of the list. He probably can't count the number of body painting sessions he's led. And he always says that the aim is to have fun smearing paint on a friend's bare skin.

But sometime the results have been spectacularly artistic.

View of the Sauna

In 2004 he spent nine weeks here building our ever-popular sauna. Of that time he has said, "I really got to know the community and came to understand how Easton could help me grow in my development as a gay man to be a better human on this planet."

Then a few years ago he introduced the slippy-slide, where you get to slide down a hill covered with wet plastic. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes in groups.

Man sliding down wet plastic
Five mud-covered men

Three years ago, he built a new mud pit for us - a source of much delight.

These are only some of the projects that Moss has undertaken since he first came here in 2003


In addition to bringing us fun, Moss has brought us beauty. He's an accomplished creator of welded metal sculpture, and several pieces grace our property, including the one above the fireplace in the Great Room.

Welded metal sculpture
Metal Sculpture Wings Of Freedom

At this time of year it's appropriate to make note of a sculpture that stands in the deck of The Temple. 

Its creation started with a fire ritual that Moss led during Gay Freedom Camp 2015. At a bonfire on the High Meadow, each participant was given a railroad spike to hold while he spoke of someone who was instrumental in his journey toward gay freedom. Then he threw the spike into the fire. Moss collected the spikes from the ashes, and cleaned, bent, and welded them into this sculpture which he named "Wings of Freedom." Feeling that the center of true freedom is the art of living through love and compassion, Moss placed, in the center of the piece, a heart that spins with joy.

Moss has said, "I am forever grateful for having Easton as my ʻother familyʼ…. a place where I can connect with gay friends, new and old, and continue to contribute to the spirit of what goes on here."

We look forward to having Moss back as part of the staff for Gay Freedom Camp (June 30 through July 4). He will return August 27-30, when he and Freddy Freeman will be the hosts for Sun Clad: a Mid-week Men's Naturist Gathering.

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