Seven Principles of Tantra

from Kali Rising: Foundational Principles of Tantra for a Transforming Planet by Rudy Ballentine

Our thanks to Rudy for permission to reprint these principles and their accompanying illustrations.

Drawing of Man Dancing

Everything is an experiment.

Drawing ofLotus Blossom

The dynamic between tapas (containment) and spanda (the life force) is at the heart of the process of birth and transformation.


The human being is of a duel nature, Masculine and Feminine, and each of those likewise are of two aspect : two aspects of the Feminine, and, similarly, to of the Masculine. Thus are there four.

Lemniscate image

Tantra operates in various realities, the "normal world" being the least real.

Chakra diagram

The marriage is also of the ascending current with the descending.

Chakra diagram with circles

Another perspective on the path of Tantra focuses on how the rise of (Kundalini) Shakti activates the chakras.


Pleasure is at the heart of the tantric path. It has the capacity of heal and is closely identified with its corollary, play.

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