The Breath of Union - Part One

[This meditation and the accompanying illustration come from Kali Rising: Foundational Principles of Tantra for a Transforming Planet, by Rudy Ballentine. Our thanks to Rudy for permission to use this material.]

Tantric design with chakras

Foundational Meditation IIIA

The Breath of Union - Part One

Establish a comfortable upright position. If sitting on the floor doesn't work for you, then sit in a chair, preferably forward, toward the edge, so that you can maintain a normally erect spine (with gentle curves forward at the lower back and neck.)

[When comfortably seated, play the recorded meditation.]

[There is a pause at the end of the spoken part of the meditation. Continue meditating as long as you wish, then bring you awareness back into your room.]

Steadying your focus is a valuable skill to develop. After some days of this, the breath will begin to settle more readily into a flow that is equal on the two sides

This equal flow, the sushumna of the yogis, reflects a bilateral activation of the two hemispheres of the brain. It is the sort of state that one enters during hypnotic trance. This is a perfect mode of function for meditation.


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