The Mind

by Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia

Photo of Rob and Steve

The mind; it is our greatest source of inspiration, knowledge, insight and bullshit! Yes, that’s right - BULLSHIT!

But wait, you say, our minds are an amazing thing. From it come all of our thoughts of art, architecture, science, humanity and love. You’ve heard it said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” To fulfill these necessities, we use our minds to create and formulate new ideas and birth them into reality to make the world a better place and ourselves a little more comfortable. But it is also the mind that creates our own personal hell.

The mind and ego are one in the same. Our ego gets us through our day by telling us what is good for us and what is bad for us. It strives for control of the physical body by making us believe that we cannot live without it. We have been trained at a very early age to fear and to judge. We fear the hot stove so as not to get burned; we fear our parent’s loud voice so we modify our behavior to minimize their judgments. We learn from example – from our parents, or teachers and even our friends. We strive to be just like “them” or totally the opposite of “them”. Fear and personal judgment guide us through our days and follow us to bed each night.

There are two voices that reside inside us – the mind voice of the ego and that soft, Knowing Voice of your True Self. The mind voice hides or blocks your internal fire, while the Voice of your True Self fans and feeds this Fire. The True Voice comes to us in the shower or in our dreams, and it speaks to us in a whisper – so we must be attentive and listen very closely. But the events of our days and our judgments keep the ego voice loud - making it the voice that is most often heard.

So, how to we get more in touch with the Voice of our True Self? How can we make our Internal fire burn brighter? By taking our time and not making quick judgments. When we slow down and really take the time to see, we begin to see past our judgments and see things as they truly are. We learn to control the ego mind by not paying so much attention to it and by asking it to be quiet. In this quiet or stillness, true knowing lives.

We can make ourselves healthier by listening to the Inner Voice that celebrates diversity and recognizes that we are all created equal. When we learn to quite the ego voice we begin to see that all the things it said we are, are just not true. We are perfect just the way we are, with no need to change other than how we see ourselves. We are each a unique expression of the Universe, - deserving of love and happiness.

Go inside to find your Inner Voice.

Steve and Rob are on the faculty of our first Wellness Camp, June 14-18, 2017.