A Request from John Stasio

John_NomiGreetings! This Spring, I'd like to request that you consider making a donation to Easton Mountain. Read on to learn why its important:

  • Mike* was a recently divorced man from a small town in the Midwest who stumbled across Easton Mountain's website one day and felt called to visit. He was a religious man throughout his life who hid his attraction towards other men by creating a solid, suburban family life. But now, he wanted to explore that part of himself, and Easton was the place to do it. After a week at Easton he was a changed person. He discovered so much about himself, and felt freer than ever. During his time at the sanctuary he was loved and supported by a community of men who understood the journey he was on. He's now a regular participant in retreats and an active community member.
  • Martin was 58 when his lover of 26 years died of AIDS. He came to Easton with a weight and a sorrow he thought was un-repairable. He spent a week crying, another week journaling, and a final week meditating on long, slow walks in the woods. He experienced profound healing, and when he left Easton he was ready to start to create a new life for himself. He now visits Easton annually with his new partner.
  • Jared was a freshman in college who was afraid to come out of the closet. He feared his family and friends would reject him. A mentor of his told him about Easton and he came to volunteer one weekend. He discovered a loving and supportive gay community at Easton, and when he returned home he felt the strength to come out. The process was still challenging for him, but knowing that Easton exists and was a place he could return to, gave him the comfort and courage he needed to get through it.

As we celebrate our 13th year, Easton Mountain continues to profoundly impact people's lives by what we all have created and continue to create together. The healing, spiritual development, and personal empowerment that Easton provides is huge, and desperately needed for the LGBTQ community to continue thriving. Easton Mountain plays an important role in the lives of thousands, and we need your support to ensure that it can continue to touch even more lives.  

Please make a tax-deductible donation today by CLICKING HERE.

Easton cannot run on tuition prices alone. We need your help to continue to do this important work. Donations also help us offer scholarships, develop our land and facilities; create accessible youth programs; and more. Please consider making a meaningful personal donation to support our work today.


John Stasio Founder, Easton Mountain

PS - Mike, Martin, and Jared were all changed by what they experienced at Easton Mountain. Hopefully, you too have experienced the transformational power of our work and will support us with a donation.

*Names have been changed.