Candy's Corner - Heart's Desire


  As I pondered what to share with you this week, I stumbled across this poem I wrote when I was at the Easton Mountain Singles Retreat last year - With this year's Singles Retreat just a week away, what better timing to share my experience of this event with you all!



“Heart's Desire”

Mind was reeling as I dance

Am I going to miss my chance?

Would I really let this go

And hold on just for what I know?

My brain quickly calculates

No! I don't want more empty dates

So off I go, I've made my choice

My stand to hear my true heart's voice

This unknown guy, my future begs

Attracted to his hairy legs

And softness in his wide bright smile

And so I stop to talk a while

Not knowing if there would be more

Or who awaits behind the door

And with each word and glance and action

Theres more than physical attraction

I'm honored by the man I see

His trust and vulnerability

He holds me, softly kissed my head

So glad I spoke to him instead

I lay there wrapped, in arms, sun shining

Feel the warmth of his heart smiling

And even though I'm not a floozy

We got naked in the jacuzzi

Bubbling water, effervesce

At one, held in close caress

I'm smiling just because I know

He held my hand and won't let go

A date that lasted 26 hours

Sleeping, dancing, sensual showers

We make plans, our eyes excited

What a catch, our hearts delighted

Almost time to leave, and so

We find excuses not go

Just another cuddle and kiss

Save them up so we won't miss

Each other, over the next few

Days until, wonderful, beautiful, date #2

CommunityScott Harris