Candy's Corner - Lawn mowers and Lesbians


I wrote this for my darling neighbors who I adore, and who are an endless source of amusement!

"Lawn mowers and Lesbians"

I live next door to angels One day they fluttered in But not just any angels These ones play and drink and sin

Not sure they know they're angels Since one day it came to pass I heard some cursing angels Whilst they tried to mow their grass

Quite impressive when in action Think they thought that they were smart Built a Lawn-mowing contraption Without instructions, part-by-part

Carefully attached the fixtures Every bolt and nut and screw When it didn't quite match the picture They didn't know what they should do!

Today I woke to fumbling And noise as I arose I could hear two lesbians mumbling While playing with a hose

Sorry my dear roses I do not mean to scold But lesbians don't do hoses Or know how lawn mowers unfold

So please do heed this ditty I'm not trying to be a jerk It's just that you're too pretty For all that kind of work

So take it easy, find a seat And I think that you'll agree It's time to rest your painted feet With a lovely cup of tea :-)

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