Candy's Corner - Light Years Ahead

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but Candy is only human, and sometimes, just like everyone else, can feel a bit down in the dumps and tired.  I was feeling exactly this way last week (perhaps the planetary alignment), when yesterday I happened to pass a store in my town offering "Bio Photon Therapy."  I'm always game to try something new, so I stepped inside and gave it a go, and wouldn't you know, it worked!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

"Light Years Ahead"

Woke up with no axe to grind

Hard to find

Inside my mind

Wonder what has caused this shift

Wrapped this gift

Began to sift

In my head (a scary place)

Packin mace

Just in case

Something has let go of me

Plain to see

I'm Scot free!

Yesterday I strolled in town

Wore a frown

Tightly wound

As I walked, feeling a flop

Came to a stop

Outside a shop

I saw a banner propped up there

It wants to share

I stand and stare

"Bio Photon Therapy"

It says to me

Come in and see

90 mins and we're done

Light program run

Bit of fun

Didn't give a second thought

To what I bought

Not sure I ought

Until this morning I awake

As sweet as cake

No longing ache

No longer haunted by my ex

Or feel perplexed

Dreading what’s next

So as for this Light Therapy

I must agree

It worked for me!

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