Candy's Corner - Purple Heart


As we move in to Fall, the perfect time to slow down and reflect, I am present to the journey I have been on as a "Single" man.  It hasn't always been an easy path, I'm sure many of you can attest from your own experiences.  Recently I experienced a shift in that, and it feels totally liberating to finally focus the attention away from my quest to find "The One," and spend some time in gratitude for the beautiful world I get to live in and be supported by.   Our upcoming Singles Retreat -"A Singular Sensation" was created with this  in mind, so if this poem speaks to you, this retreat may be one to check out!


Purple Heart


There’s going to be a shift in me

In this disempowering story

Why I’ve been single for so long?

It’s time to sing a different song

I realize now with all that passes

It’s time to try some rosy glasses

And see why I feel so perplexed

This new light changes my context

With this breath of life, suggestion

Whispering a different question

Why has it been my path, my will?

To climb this never-ending hill

To search for answers like a quest

And never let my spirit rest

If what I am is not enough

Well my friend, one word: TOUGH!

What I surmised all along

Is that there must be something wrong

Been searching in my bag of tricks

It’s either perfect or it gets fixed!

With softer gaze, again I look

Let myself off of this hook

Like each of you, I was born whole

The heavens blessed me with a soul

With a heart, both fierce and loyal

Creative mind that lives to toil

Gentle, kind, and full of grace

Healthy body, handsome face

Put a line in the sand, to start

And listening, this time to my heart

I feel the warmth upon my skin

That can only mean, the sun’s shining

I sit a while, until I see

Just how the sun appreciates me

I walk a blessed, glittered ground

Surrounded in new love I’ve found

Supported, swinging, in the air

It’s beautiful, come meet me there!

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