Candy's Corner - Where's Walt

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman

Celebrating the work of Walt Whitman and inspired by Freddy Freeman.

"Where's Walt?"

First of all, it's not my fault That I don't know that much of Walt

And so to start, I was quite lost Because our paths have never crossed

I grew up in a different land Arrived here one day quite unplanned

And yet I'm told we might get on Since you're adept to speak in song

Magnetic man, the nation's poet Pioneer who loved to show it

Rugged, handsome, cabin dweller Grounded, heart-felt storyteller

And yet you had a softer side You felt you didn't need to hide

Part of a tribe where all belong Fertile female, shameless schlong

And while all that is fine and dandy I wonder, have you tried some Candy?

And so Walt, if we come to pass I long to feel your leaves of grass

I celebrate myself very much With thoughts of your strong, sexy touch

You see I've fallen under your spell Oh Captain, My Captain, Rise up....and hear the bells!!!

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