Candy's Corner - You Gave Me God's Gift


This is the first time I am sharing this poem publicly - It captures my very first experience with sacred touch at Easton Mountain.  I am eternally grateful to the man who so gracefully held a space for me that day, as I took my first step in what was to be an enlightening and healing journey to freedom.  I wrote this as an acknowledgement to him and the gift he gave me that day on the mountain.  

"You Gave Me God's Gift"

I stood in front of you

Scared little boy, yet so brave

Admired what you do

Not yet knowing what you gave

Been with you but a moment

And still I let

Your arms wrap around me

Though you hadn't touched me yet

The feel of your hands sang out

With laughter and smiles

Washing away doubt

I'd been with a long while

As we lay there together

A little flame burned

And I wondered whether

I could have what I yearned

If there were nerves now

I couldn't tell

Eyes wide and aware how

I felt your warmth, smelled your smell

Blessed hands touched each other

As we played and explored

Safe with you my Brother

Feeling loved and adored

Silky warm skin

Laying still in your grace

My chest on your chest

Tears rolled down from my face

The flood gates burst open

Emotions poured out

Been held in for years

With fear, pain and doubt

Let it go, release

Was all I knew to do

In the space you gave me

When you said "I've got you"

Beautiful Heart

Sweet, soft soul, like no other

Sacred to me forever

I love you big Brother

CommunityScott Harris