Come to Easton for Labor Day!

Have you made plans for Labor Day yet? We want to invite you to spend the three-day weekend creating a wonderful experience with an amazing group of men at Easton Mountain! Join hosts John Salvato, John Ballew, Frank Carson and Wil Fisher on August 29th - September 1st for four magical days of building community, exploring the arts, celebrating our bodies, enjoying summer, and more! The theme this year is "Living on Your Creative Edge" and an exciting line-up of workshops have been designed around that theme. Give water color painting a try; explore sensual touch; make music; meditate; play theater games; there's a workshop for everyone and you can pick and choose which ones are right for you. In addition to workshops, there will be events for the whole community including a talent show, a dance party, a drag dinner, a bonfire, and more! And, there will also be plenty of free time to relax by the new pool, walk through the beautiful garden, hike the mountain trails, or relax in a hammock.  Come join the vibrant Labor Day community and create beautiful new memories! picnik