Ward Chronicles - Volume 1


acorn headWhy do I find Easton Mountain a brilliant place to spend time? The duality of community and quiet contemplation. I get the best of both worlds. When I am not socializing at the main lodge or participating in an activity...you will find me in the forest.

Just this week I sat quietly for over an hour watching autumn leaves fall on a windless day. I happened to fix my gaze on one still attached and got to witness its final descent. ( I find that both leaves and the men who come to Easton often end old lives to allow for new growth) Yes... I saw a leaf detach from a tree and gently drift towards the ground. Its amazing how something so "small" could have such an impact upon my life.

We have two notable trees on the property...Mother Birch...so named because  she stands tall in a grove of others not so lucky. BirchBirch is the favored tree to fall by our resident beavers. She also appears to be an anatomically correct female. I often put my hand inside when I pray and ask mother nature to nurture me. I also say prayers in front of Grandfather Oak. He is over 200 years old with branches that reach to the sky in heights of 150 feet. Another "God shot"... as I bowed my head to this masterly oak, acorns began to rain down. Newton had his apple... I am acorn. EUREKA!... its the little things in life that matter most.