Flashback Friday, Episode 12 - The Garden

Almost from the start, there has been some kind of garden on the High Meadow at Easton Mountain - a few beds of lettuce, some herbs, and once a long row of garlic - but it wasn't until 2007 when David Armbruster became our gardener, that we began to see the full possibilities of what we could have. David started late in the spring of 2007, with about ten beds, carefully laid out with at least one vegetable, one flowering plant,and one herb in each bed. In 2008, he was able to bring out his full vision of the garden. On the second Monday in September we invited the Easton Neighbors (a community group that meets monthly at the local Methodist church) to see the garden. Here's a short video of their visit.

David felt so good about working the soil that he decided to buy a farm in Cambridge, where he now lives. With David devoting his time to his own farm, we have had a succession of other gardeners, each of whom has brought his own vision to the area. This year Pathfinder and Michael Harbison have been the major keepers of our garden, producing vegetables for our kitchen and flowers for just about every pubic room we have.