Flashback Friday, Episode 14 – "Queer Fires for Peace"

About three and a half years ago, the Flesh and Spirit Community in San Francisco started a semi-annual event called "Queer Fires for Peace."   They have not only held their own event but have encouraged others to do the same - something as simple as lighting a candle or posting a picture -  or something as elaborate as several minutes of planned ritual.

The first of these events was held on May 12, 2012.  On that weekend at Easton Mountain, a number of members of our extended community gathered here to discuss the future of Easton Mountain with members of our Board.  That evening, we took time out from our discussions for a ritual in which our fires were seven torches that we lighted - for sky, earth, heart and the four directions.  Here's a video of our ceremony.

The next ceremony is set for the eve of the winter solstice, December 20, 2015.  Easton Mountain doesn't have a program on that weekend, but residents are discussing how we might, along with our local extended community, have a "Queer Fire for Peace."

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