Flashback Friday - Episode 9: A Call for Community


In celebration of Easton’s 15th year; on Fridays, we are looking back to Easton’s past to see where we came from!

In Winter 2003, an advertisement was placed in Communities calling for "creative, psychologically mature individuals interested in deepening spiritual life, meditation, non-violence, social justice and celebration."  Four gay men were running Easton Mountain Retreat Community, and sought additional members to "join an ecovillage that would include couples, singles, a monastery, and retirement community."  Since this call for members, Easton Mountain has grown to embrace a wide range of individuals, as residents, long-term volunteers, and guests, all joining together to deepen their spiritual lives, social justice, celebration, and meditation.  Check our our schedule of upcoming events to see how Easton continues to grow.

This was just the beginning! Our community continues to grow after 15 years! Stay tuned for next weeks episode about the success of Qtopia, Easton's first retreat fro the whole LGBTQI community!


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