The mission of Saint John Bosco

Don_BoscoIII learned today of the election of the new major superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco. These guys were my high school teachers, a group of men who were committed to educating young people. Most of them fine human beings, faithful, committed and self sacrificing… most were trained in a Catholic system which retarded their sexual development. Some harmed children. Most of them devoted their lives to educating the young. So now I ask will you Salesians be faithful to the mission of Dom Bosco? Will you commit to the poor and abandoned youth of our time? Will you overcome your homophobia and house and educate the homeless LGBT youth on our streets? Will you advocate for the children of immigrants without “legal” status? Or will you offend the mission of Dom Bosco by simply educating the children of the powerful? Will you distort your dedication to our Lady by pretending Mary is here to defend and excuse those who piously pray on Sunday ...and prey the other six days. Will you remember Mary Help of Christians is a daughter of rebellion who in saying yes to Gabriel turned the social order of her time on it’s head and gave birth to love incarnate. Let us pray for Don Angel this day and the Salesians that they will exemplify God"s love and mercy to the challenged youth of our time.