Justin Taylor is ready to do "The Work"


Easton Mountain is a place where men can learn about many different methods of becoming more of their "Best Selves", so they can go out into the world and make it a better place. We talked to Facilitator Justin Taylor about the method he uses called "The Work" a system of inquiry taught by Byron Katie. I discovered The Work when I was dealing with a lot of self critical thinking in my 20s. I knew my thoughts were not serving me, but I could not stop believing them anyway. A friend sent me a Byron Katie video - and the rest was history. I probably did over 1000 worksheets on family, sex, career, time, body, war, disease... any stressful story. I feel in love with how it gave me back to my beautiful nature - and gave the beautiful world back to me. Over and over and over, until the phrase "I don't know" became Angel Song to my ears. Fast forward several years, and I attend retreats with Katie, meet her one-on-one, graduate from her School and now am a Certification Candidate in her Institute for Facilitators of The Work. I already facilitate professionally!

In the following video, Katie and an incredibly brave gay man gently and fearlessly peel back the onion of his anger toward straight people and discover his anti-gay inner world. It is an inspiration for anyone interested in freedom from their own glass prison of beliefs - and is an inspiration for Living Beyond Belief, a retreat at Easton for The Work that I'm leading. Please join me!

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