RIP Pete Seeger

Peter_S"There is a season turn turn …
there is a time for every purpose under heaven …"
So wrote the authors of Ecclesiastes, and the musician, activist and splendid human being Pete Seeger who died yesterday at the age of 94. Pete was an artist who fed more than a single generation of activists. He makes real for me the words of Dostoevsky that “beauty will save the world” his songs inspired me and my peers with the juice which only music gives. He helped us believe that “we shall overcome some day”. He fed our love of beauty, our passion for justice and our commitment to the struggle for a better world. He reminded us to use our hammer, our bell and our song for love between our brothers and sisters all over this land. Pete was a spiritual grandfather to my generation of activists. I am grateful for his gifts, his hope and his song. I know that the graveyard where he lies will be covered with flowers that will continue to call us to that which we must ever learn.
RIP Pete Seeger.