The Luminary Labyrinth for Gay Spirit Camp


With a crew of wonderful, joyful, openhearted  volunteers we set up a The Luminary Labyrinth for  Gay Spirit Camp.

700 white lunch bags grounded with a cup of  compost with a lighted tea light, lovely placed  inside each bag. The labyrinth was 70 feet across,  4 foot wide path, installed with 700 Luminaries  placed one foot apart. This was an epic experience  to walk the labyrinth in community with  brothers.

A labyrinth is an archetype; an ancient spiritual  symbol that relates to wholeness combines the  imagery of the circle with the spiral into a  meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth  represents a journey into our own center and back  out again to the world. Walking the labyrinth is a  right brain task. It develops intuition, creativity,  and imagination. It is more of a journey than a  destination.

Prayerful walking meditation in the labyrinth is a  inner journey or quest of self-reflection  and maybe a helpful spiritual tool to help quiet  the mind, open the heart and bring new clarity  and are important developments in gaining the  skills to have a meaningful spiritual life.

With grateful acknowledgement I wish to thank  Greg Skalny for his generous financial gift for  supplies and materials that made the Luminary  Labyrinth possible.

Written by Martin Grealish