The Residential Community


One of my favorite Margaret Meade quotes is the  following ... "Never doubt that a small group of  thoughtful committed citizens can change the world;  indeed it's the only thing that ever has." Some may say that we who live and work at Easton  Mountain are not changing the world we are touching  many lives that come thru our doors. This autumn has  once again been significant in how Mother Earth can  change the magnificent landscape of Easton. The lush  green of the summer gave way to the yellow, reds and  oranges of autumn and now the earth is resting in  anticipation of spring. So just as the seasons flow and  change....our community has changed.

This autumn we have bid farewell to a few beloved pillars  of our community. Jerry Burke and Dave  Sledesky  have  both left the nest and are moving forward from Easton to  begin new chapters in their lives. Jerry headed out of west  in a covered wagon like the pioneers of old to begin a  new life in Palm Springs, California. Easton will be forever  grateful for his fatherly wisdom, listening ear and the  dedication that he gave to our community while working  the front desk! One could never begin to calculate the  number of hours Jerry spent talking to our guests,  advising new folks about our programs and arranging  accommodations.

Dave  Sledesky  has also transitioned from the mountain  and has taken a  full time  position not too far from Easton.  I am grateful to say he will continue to be a valued  member of our extended community only from a short  distance. Dave contributions to Easton over the years  have been tremendous. Dave served as a member of the  management team, was our main  computer/internet/electronic/IT go-to person and really  kept the whole place running on so many levels.

Many blessings to Jerry and Dave as they blaze new trails  in their lives.

As many of you know Easton never likes to have empty  beds so I am excited to announce that this autumn we  have had new residents move to the Mountain.  Freddy Freeman and Jay Freeman (who were  recently married in New York City) have moved  into the community. Both are extraordinarily  talented musicians and bring with them a wealth of  experience. Freddy will be helping at the front  desk and will be a part of our management team  and Jay will be helping us to design our marketing  materials both in print and on our website.

Wil Fisher who was such help to us in taking on  many roles during our "Out in the Woods" music  festival has joined us and will be bringing his  talents and gifts to our management, marketing  and development teams!  I am excited by infusion  of fresh ideas that will be coming to our table.

So in this season of gratitude...I am so grateful to  all of the men who have come to Easton over the  years to give of their time, talent and  treasure. Whether for a weekend, a month or  several years. This is the fabric that makes Easton  Mountain run so we can welcome so many guests  thru our doors each and every day. On your next  visit be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to  the new residents.

So until we meet again on the Mountain I wish all  of our community members near and far....peace,  love, health and all good things this holiday  season.

Written by  Dennis M.  Petragnani,  Easton Mountain General Manager