Ward Chronicles - Volume 4

Chronicles2There is an anthem for Easton Mountain called "There Is A Place." It was written by composer Jonathan Comisar who is one of the Easton family. He penned a line so good it is used on t-shirts that many of us wear."Hear theFrog boy within you laugh once again.: I have spent the better part of this summer and fall doing just that... It is amazing how liberating it can be for me to do things I once did often as a child and never again as an adult. It started with me simply climbing a tree. I forgot how the imagination can soar when you are in the uppermost branches of a mighty oak. One moment I was a pirate in a crow's nest and the next a spaceman rocketing to the moon. When my feet are on the ground I am an expert frog catcher! Our lake, mud pit and even mere muddy tire tracks are crowded with amphibians at Easton. Their croaks lulled me to sleep all thru warm August nights.

Swimming HoleI play throw sticks with our resident dog, Rosey, and she helps me chase squirrels from my cabin. I have gone skinny dipping in our pool and have taken showers outdoors in the afternoon sun. The Battenkill river runs through the nearby town of Greenwich and many of us head over there to jump off the rocks, massage our backs in the waterfall, battle the rapids or to simply bathe in a quiet standing pool. Going there has made me feel like one of the subjects in a Thomas Eakins painting. I have been given a piggy back ride ( thank you Pathfinder),  flown a kite, hula cowboy gunhooped in my underwear, dressed up as a cowboy and blown bubbles both with liquid soap and thru a straw into my milk! When you next visit the mountain look for me... I am a bearded man with the soul of a young boy- thanks to my time at Easton. How will you know me? I will be the one skipping stones across the lake.