What is Heart Centered Touch? - A Conversation with Adam Brown

header-logo Heart Centered Touch is a term I have heard quite a bit latley, but I was curious. What is it? What makes some kinds of touch Heart Centered and other kinds not. Why does it seem like so many men I know are trying it and getting great benefit from it. To find out, I talked to Adam Brown, who leads workshops in Heart Centered Touch here at Easton and beyond! Adam’s life is a laboratory for his work and his work is a natural outgrowth of his life. It is through practices of the body, mind and spirit of Taoism that Adam’s life and work takes form. Heart Centered Touch has grown out of his blossoming compassion, his unending curiosity and his desire to spread love-energy in the men’s community. He had a lot to say about the benefits and rewards of Heart Centered Touch FF: "So Adam, What exaclty is Heart Centered Touch?"

AB: "Heart Centered Touch is a group massage experience with the intention of making nurturing touch available to more men. Massage exchanges, both sensual and therapeutic are the touchstones of Heart Centered Touch. It is through practice and guidance that we learn to expand our vocabulary of touch and our capacity for intimacy through touch"adam_2_c3

FF: "Can you tell me a little more about the sessions?"

AB: Sessions are clothes-off, hands-on and guided. Verbal communication is an important part of the experience, in which personal boundaries are honored and deeper ways to connect are explored. Our focus is to increase awareness and compassion and, in so doing, increase intimacy. We use eros as a creative force. We embrace eros as joyous and life-affirming. The Heart Centered Touch model is one of learning through pleasure, not through pressure. This leads to a higher level of functioning, to more joy and and to increased authentic expression through nourishing touch.

FF: You have mentioned the touch that is nourishing. How do the men touch in more nourishing ways?

AB: Men touch men in nourishing ways when we pay attention to each other. When we listen to each other. When we are fully present for the other and not thinking of our own needs. We create a safe bonding space for men in which to voice our needs and set our boundaries. Those needs and boundaries are honored and respected. We learn to let go into the hands and arms of another man in order to relax and be taken care of during that delicious time receiving touch. The giver is also nourished in helping, channeling, facilitating another man's surrender into our hands. The massage exchange becomes a dance, a powerful and empowering energy feedback loop that feeds both men.

CARING_TOUCH_c5FF: Can you tell me a little more about this dance of energy between partners?

AB: Both the giver & receiver are in a partnership during any massage/touch session. During this workshop, the giver will be learning some valuable massage skills to address where we men tend to hold our tension.

FF: How Erotic do the sessions get? How do you use that energy for healing and growth?

AB: We will devote some time to erotic massage and to exploring the art of negotiation around this kind of touch. Touch is nourishing when boundaries are clear . We'll explore ways the giver creates a 'whole-body experience' using simple methods that produce a global-relaxation effect for your partner. The receiver is not passive during massage. He participates by using clear communication, giving honest feedback and establishing his boundaries. The art of receiving is one that we all can use more practice in Learning to use your breath while receiving touch is another important tool we will practice. This helps the touch sink deeper and also assists in the circulation of energy, erotic and otherwise in the body.

FF: Thank You Adam! I think I have a clearer understanding of what to expect at one the workshops. It sounds like a nurturing, healing and connecting experience.

AB: It is. Part of the 'whole-body experience' is exploring how any massage/touch session can become a dance between two people. If energies are aligned, both giver and receiver have a 'whole-body experience' that nourishes, enlivens and expands both men's experience. As always, it is my intention to make the day fun and pleasurable.


Adam will be bringing Heart Centered Touch to Easton Mountain next month!

Heart Centered Touch with Adam Brown Dec 5-7 2014 at Easton Mountain for more information and registration http://eastonmountain.org/hearttouch