Goldenheart's Musical Message for the President Elect

by Freddy Freeman (AKA Goldneart) - Marketing and Communications Director

Anyone in the  Resident community including and especially my husband will tell you that I have not been handling the outcome of the election well at all.  I have been fighting back terror and panic, and reaching for the spiritual teachings that guide me. Even when I cannot fully practice it, I know with deep conviction that there is nothing but love. When that truth is most obscured and hard to see, I turn to music. My writing is not just a way of expressing, it's a way of setting intentions and declaring what I aspire to. So, I sat and wrote Trump a letter and set it to music. Love and compassion are the best ways of creating change, and music is my most powerful tool for accessing that in myself. I hope he hears it. I hope our nation comes together. We are ready to fight if we have to, but we will do it from a place of love. 


Dear Donald Trump you won the presidential race
Now I pray your heart is touched by spirits' loving grace
I cast my vote to stop you but the angry had their say
Now what’s done is done and we have to find a way
To heal this broken nation
To find some common ground
To find the silver lining
And turn the ship around
Like it or not you are the president elect
I call upon you now to listen and reflect
On what it means to lead, and where we need to go
You are running a real country now, not a television show
We need to come together
We need to heal this land
We owe it to our children
We need to take a stand
Dear Donald Trump, will join us in this fight ?
For equality and justice, will you try to do whats right?
Through my tears I must forgive you
My resentment I let go
And I beg you to seek wisdom, but I have to let you know
Change is going to happen
Even if you block its way
Love will not be silenced
No matter what you say
The voices of diversity
Will not just go away
They will rise up even stronger
Getting louder every day
We will fulfill the promise
Of our beloved USA
And we call you now to lead with love
Or get out of the way.

Freddy FreemanComment