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Eat EM

Join us for Eat EM - The most delicious retreat yet!

Join us for Eat EM - The most delicious retreat yet!

Build Community, Cooking Skills, and Conscious Food Systems at Easton Mountain

Every community needs to figure out how to feed itself. At Easton, we want the values of our mission to be carried out through our kitchen, and we want our bodies nourished as well as our souls. Join us to contribute your food expertise and enthusiasm!
Kitchen table talk will include:

  • How does food preparing and sharing build family and community?
  • What is food justice, and how can the Easton community play a part?
  • What does it mean to live lightly on the land?
  • How does our food affect our bodies: energy, nutrients, taste? How do we talk about health - nutrients, energy - without falling in to the trap of seeing weight loss as a sole proxy for good health?
  • Do we have the skills to use what we grow - cooking but also canning, pickling, all kinds of preservation - skills that we rarely need if we aren't growing food?
  • How can we sustainably feed folks - in our micro-community here at Easton, the largely urban LGBTQI archipelago, and the world?
  • How can we build community around sharing food when people have such wide ranging and conflicting eating requirements for health, religious, and ethical reasons?  What are some methods people have found for doing that
  • How do we take profound pleasure in preparing and eating food?

We will also have opportunities to dig in and do some work together in the gardens and the kitchen. We are excited to be many hands for some labor intensive, freakin' delicious food projects: tamales, bread, strudel... We will infuse the Easton soil with our reverence for the nourishment it provides us and the dining hall with the loving magic of kitchen witches. We will take away refreshed bodies, new kitchen wisdom, and a cache of shared recipes - be sure to bring your favorite to contribute.
Come to the table, and let's eat!

Sign up early and register for an outing to our partner farm for lunch; space limited.


Vanessa (Pennyroyal) is a global feminist good witch with a lifetime of kitchen practice, more than two decades of AIDS movement experience, and a well-worn passport. Like many cooks, she has been whipping up treats since she could stand at the stove; her family cooking style is Italian-American. Then she lived, ate, and cooked in Italy during college. Later human rights work took her and her belly to Cambodia and Viet Nam, Mexico and Peru, Ghana and South Africa. Cooking and eating have been central to her organizing and community building work. She has been cooking for the Easton community on occasion since 2012 and is thrilled to be stepping into the hearth now.
Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @glitter_sweets or visit her blog at

Tim Cooley has been a massage therapist and yoga teacher for many years.  These both have strong connections to how we care for our bodies.  The food we choose to eat also contributes to our overall health.  The path Tim has personally followed is to not just eliminate meat products from his diet, but also to pay attention to what he includes - whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and so on.  Many years ago Tim spent time working in a natural foods bakery in the East Village of N.Y.C.  He has also prepared meals for the community as well as retreats at Easton Mountain, where he has been a resident since shortly after its founding.  Tim am please to be a part of this upcoming exploration.

Pathfinder has been the Community Garden Coordinator for the past 3 years. He often speaks of the garden and all the relatives that are living there i.e., flowers,veggies, butterflies, birds, deer, groundhogs, rocks and more. The food we eat is alive and it's important to have a grateful relationship with it.  

Rates and Accommodations

All rates include housing, food and programming unless otherwise noted. Bookings are per person per bed.

*** Newbie: $195 - If you are new to Easton Mountain, take advantage of this low rate. Includes food, programming, and best available housing at arrival time! 

Commuter: $195 - Does not include Housing. Use this option if you want to attend the programming and have meals, but wish to stay off campus.

Garden Cabin: $295 - Dormitory style with 5 bunk beds that can sleep up to 10 people. Bathrooms facilities in the Lodge, 500 ft away.

Quad: $445 - Each quad room has two sets of bunk beds. its own bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with up to 3 other guests.

Semi Private: $595 - Each semi-private room has 2 beds, a bathroom and shower. You may be sharing with 1 other guest.


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