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Heart-Centered Touch

Tantra says that an embodied life - a life lived in touch with the senses & connected to pleasure is a valid pathway to higher states of being. Touch gives us access to parts of ourselves that can remain hidden. Embodied experience offers us a direct connection to our innermost lives, our wounds, our joys - as well as our spiritual and erotic aspects.

Once we identify our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and sensations, we can learn to communicate our needs and desires more authentically. our capacity for pleasure expands and our potential for personal transformation widens.

In this weekend workshop, we will explore the power of touch coupled with authentic communication to help us move through challenges in our lives. Each man has the opportunity to do some personal work as well as apply the touch skills you'll be learning all weekend to facilitate personal growth in yourself and in others.

During the weekend, you will learn ways that energy moves and circulates in the body. You will learn some Tantra and Alchemical Taoist Practices, which Adam is trained in. Using those practices serves as a framework for personal growth & transformation. Adam also introduces ways to make these practices relevant to your current life. All energy transform in the body to help you gain insight, to free you and to help you let go of undue stress. There will be rituals as part of the group's process and nudity is part of our massage/touch sessions.

Increase Awareness - Gain Clarity - Transform Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs - Enhance Pleasure - Make Deeper Connections
Touch Life in a Heart-Centered Way!

About the Facilitator

Adam Brown is an acupuncturist and bodywork therapist from New York. He is a Taoist practitioner and a student of Tantra. Adam leads workshops for men using touch and authentic communication. He is the founder of Heart-Centered Touch for Men and an experienced group facilitator.

Rates and Accomodations

All rates include housing, food and programming unless otherwise noted. Bookings are per person per bed.
Commuter: $ 295 Does not include Housing. Use this option if you want to attend the programming and have meals, but wish to stay off campus.
Camping: $ 295 Bring your own tent!  Bathrooms facilities in the Lodge, 500 ft away.
Garden Cabin: $ 495 Dormitory style with 5 bunk beds that can sleep up to 10 people. Bathrooms facilities in the Lodge, 500 ft away.
Quad: $ 545 Each quad room has two sets of bunk beds. its own bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with up to 3 other guests.
Semi Private: $ 695 Each semi-private room has 2 beds, a bathroom and shower. You may be sharing with 1 other guest.

Later Event: June 17
Community Building Weekend