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Live Life Fully - A Core Energetics Retreat

What would it be like to Live Life Fully?  You could stand tall & proud… let go of the past… feel your energy & aliveness… discover your authentic self… love yourself… claim your power & your voice!

For many people the idea of Living Life Fully seems challenging or maybe even impossible.  In this 4-day retreat, we will engage in body-based Core Energetics techniques and exercises to begin to work through life’s challenges.

Core Energetics is an evolutionary transformative and holistic healing process. Focus is placed on the balance and flow of energy between body, mind, emotions, and spirt.  By combining bodywork, energy, and more traditional therapeutic techniques, you are supported in achieving the life you want.

You will work individually and in groups to understand, transform, and release the past as you deeply explore, experience, and express your blocked and held energy. You will work on your relationship to yourself and explore relating to others.  You will find what stands in the way of Living Life Fully!  

Time will be provided to relax and integrate your experiences, as well as time to socialize with each other.  An interview is required if you are new to this work.



Meet David Phillips of Energetic Awakenings. David wants to help you Live Life Fully!

David Phillips describes the transformational work of Core Energetics.


Core Energetics is a powerful body-based system. It frees the frozen feelings and history in your body by working with the blocked and held energy. It helps you reconnect with deep parts of the self that you disconnected from as a child. It uncovers the power and goodness at the source of your most destructive patterns. It leads you to connection with your deepest essence. I have had the privilege of working with David in this exciting process through the years and have witnessed him grow from an eager student into a powerful teacher in his own right.  He is sensitive, intuitive, compassionate , and skilled.  I highly recommend this process to anyone desiring to know themselves at a deeper level and would totally trust David to be your guide on this amazing journey. - Ian Ellington, facilitator of workshops utilizing Core Energetics at Easton Mountain and around the World

In the two workshops I took with David, he brought the best of what Core Energetics has to offer. In the Trance Dance, David created a safe and supportive space to let go and move with total, unselfconscious freedom, while in Finding Your Superhero we had a chance to clear negative energy and step into a space of fully embodied empowerment. I would highly recommend David's workshops for anyone who is ready to take the next step in exploring their growing edge. - Doug

I had the pleasure of taking three different workshops from David at Gay Spirit Camp. While the context and focus of each workshop was different, they all deeply touched me. With David, I explored practical techniques to be more grounded in my daily life and gain awareness of how I can use my own energy to heal others. I found greater appreciation for my ability to express my inner creativity and beauty through movement. And, I allowed myself to release stress and trauma through a truly magical experience that left me feeling profoundly grateful. In each instance, I was able to enter into the experience without expectation, and with my normal skepticism intact. David provided meaningful context for what he was teaching and allowed us to learn through experience. At times, I found myself unexpectedly emotional, and I had the sense that I was indeed touching on and processing some deep-seeded trauma that I wasn’t able to articulate – and didn’t really need to explain through words. David is a gifted teacher and healer who is easy to relate to and wickedly funny. He creates a safe space and brings his own vulnerability to the table, so that he is able to be a teacher who is also on the journey with his students. I am so looking forward to spending more time with David at Easton Mountain! - Kyle


Rates and Accommodations

  • Commuter - $295
    Includes meals and programming, does not include housing.  Choose this option if you want to stay off-site.
  • Garden Cabin - $545
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in our bunk house (5 bunk beds).  Showers are located at the Lodge, about 500 ft. away.
  • Quad - $595
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 4-person (2 bunk beds) room with shared bath.
  • Semi-Private - $745
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 2-person room with shared bath.


  • Event starts with dinner on Thursday, Oct 26th at 7pm
  • Event ends with Closing Circle on Sunday, Oct 29th around 2pm
    You can arrive anytime after Noon on the start day. Rooms will be ready no later than 3pm)