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Tantra4GayMen Diploma Program: Healing & Surrender Module

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Easton Mountain is pleased to host "Healing & Surrender ", one of three modules in the Tantra4GayMen Diploma program, a complete and comprehensive Certificate Training in Neo-Tantra, specifically designed for gay and bisexual men. Each module explores the Diploma's core topics - Sex, Spirit, Personality, Love, and Ecstasy - from unique and very different perspectives. Participants can do the modules in any order, starting with this one, or one of the other two ("Ecstasy & Orgasm"  or "The Divinity of Bliss", and receive a Diploma Certificate upon completion of all three of the modules. For more information on the program as a whole, and the other modules, go to: Tantra4GayMen Diploma 

Healing & Surrender

This module combines two related topics. In Healing, it's all about integrating, healing, and moving beyond those parts of yourself that are holding you back from your full potential - in your sex, in your life, and in your spirituality. We will learn and experience Tantric techniques - specifically: Very powerful modalities of Tantric massage, and several types of cathartic processes - to achieve this. We create a safe container to enable you to 'really go there', and offer you the possibility to hold a mirror up and look at yourself giving you the opportunity to make changes and explore new ideas about how you see yourself and how you want to live your life. Powerful Tantric processes will support you in your unique pathway to finally feel free!

Then, in Surrender, it's all about taking you into much deeper ecstatic and blissful states, via the Tantric teachings around "deeply letting go": Only in letting go and letting yourself surrender to the flow of existence you are able to access states of profound ecstasy. The processes we offer in this module are deep, sometimes provocative and can enable profound new ideas of yourself and the opportunity to re-birth yourself and to release what holds you back.

+ What is Tantra?

Tantra, or more specifically: Neo-Tantra (which is what we teach), is a synthesis of old and new practices of spiritual development. Tantra, in its original meaning, is a buddhist pathway to increase your consciousness and awareness of your true inner nature. In Neo-Tantra, modernised versions of these methods are combined with elements from humanistic psychology, sex therapy, bodywork, and elements from the new-age context. Neo-Tantra’s objective is your total freedom: From your own ego, from your own self-debilitating thought processes, and from everything that gets in the way of you being an ecstatic and blissful man. Above all, Tantra is all about direct experience of the numinous:

  • Experience bolts of ecstasy that you don't even comprehend.
  • Experience bliss that transforms the way you perceive life.
  • Experience making love with the universe and the universe making love with you.
  • Experience healing yourself from the imitations of your life's conditioning.
  • Experience the incredible exhilaration of changing yourself, to choose who you want to be in this world, and to get rid of what you're unhappy about.

Want to know more?

Jason has produced a wide array of videos about the different aspects of Tantra. To see these videos, click here for our YouTube channel.

+ Why Do This?

Participants come to our trainings with a plethora of different motivations. Some come to enhance their sex lives, some for the thrill and adventure of trying something ‘far out’, some come for spiritual experiences, some to discover an alternative to the mainstream gay world, and some because they have an issue, discontent, or unhappiness - concrete or less concrete - in their lives. Tantra works on many levels, and you can use it for many different things. Whatever your motivation is: It is important that you come here from a place of true willingness to work on yourself: The more you put in, the more you get out of it. Below are a few points that we feel are integral to our diploma. They are also typical in that we have had many clients with these or similar motivations. We would suggest to read them and ask yourself: Does this resonate for you? - And then, more generally: When you read this website, do you feel a longing to go deeper? Or maybe you have already experienced some events with Tantra4GayMen. If yes, do you feel the call to go deeper, even beyond what you may have experienced in our events? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we would suggest that you have already taken the first step.

Have you been longing to find a spiritual practice that integrates your sexuality and your identity as a gay or bisexual man? Tantra is a way that uses the most powerful energy that we have at our disposal - our sexual energy - for spiritual practice, to connect with what’s beyond us, however you may call it. Our Tantra4GayMen diploma specifically puts these practices into your own life context as men who love men.

  • Do you find yourself in unfulfilling relationships? Are you looking for more satisfying ways to relate? Are you longing for true intimacy? Learn new ways to relate to people and to make your relationships more fulfilling. Learn ways to be more congruent, more authentic, more intimate, more loving, and less inhibited - this will help you to readjust existing relationships and manifest more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your life.
  • Do you feel you have lost connection with yourself? Do you sometimes feel you have forgotten who you truly are and what your true purpose is, lost in the mundanities and constraints of daily life? Learn hands-on techniques to deeply feel and connect to yourself, your inner truth, and to express and to make this a beacon to guide your actions.
  • Do you feel you are being “held back” from living fully? Do you feel you lack strength to address the issue of how to live fully? Have you had traumatic experiences that may constitute obstacles to this? - Learn how you can re-learn these experiences and remove shame, guilt and judgment.
  • Do you want to spice up your life, to make it an incredible adventure, to change it from grey (or maybe already colourful) to full technicolour? Tantra puts you in direct connection with the incredible energies that underlie our existence and that we often lose the connections to. In short: Learn to surf the wave of life rather than standing by and just observing.
  • Do you have an interest in massage and want to understand tantra in relationship to massage?In Neo-Tantra, it is through specific incredible massage techniques that your body learns how to expand orgasm, to heighten sensitivity to sexual energy, and to experience ecstasy. Erotic massage is an integral part of our training - you will learn how to receive and to give Tantric massages.
  • Are you fed up with the superficiality of mainstream gay culture - are you looking for more intimate connections with gay men and with your life? We understand as the beginning of a new cculture with a special sense of community.

This Diploma is for you if you are interested in a most profound personal development journey. Learn a fulfilling sex life - Learn how to live a fulfilling personal life - Learn happiness by discovering what you really are and want to be - Learn how to deep and meaningful connections with yourself and others.

+ A Typical Day in the program:

Our training days are long and full of varied, interesting activities and deep deep teachings. Here's what they look like:

  • Our days together typically start with Morning Meditation at 8am. Here, we teach you a specific array of meditation techniques designed to develop the states of mind and body that you need to fully experience deeper Tantric states. This is followed by a good healthy breakfast to set you up for the day.
  • After breakfast, we are in for our first Tantra Training Session. An exciting combination of lots and lots of hands-on and mind-altering Tantra exercises, Tantric massages and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
  • Afterwards we will have lunch together, followed by quiet time where you can be for yourself, be in nature, and rest.
  • The afternoon programme starts with a Group Therapy and/or Spiritual Enquiry Session. Time and space for you to reflect about your experiences in the Tantra sessions and receive guidance, both verbal and non-verbal, on how to integrate - to further work on yourself.
  • This is followed by an afternoon Tantra Training Session. Even more hands-on and mind-altering Tantra exercises, Tantric massages and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
  • We will then have a lengthy and relaxed dinner together. It is here where the atmosphere typically switches from “wow, what amazing work we have done” to “let’s now relax and party together”.
  • After dinner, it’s time to celebrate! In our amazing Evening Tantra Rituals. We will use the techniques and insights learned for celebratory, yet profound Tantra Rituals - sometimes nurturing, sometimes more ecstatic - true celebrations of Tantra and of yourself and the group. These will typically run until around 10.30pm.
  • After the end of the daily programme, you will have enough time to relax however you want to. Under the stars, in the hot tub, in the sauna, or around the fire, or whatever takes your fancy ..

For questions about booking, email - You should get a reply within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply, please check your SPAM folder.


About the Facilitators: Jason & Ingo


Jason and Ingo have walked the Path of Tantra together for 12 years as lovers and partners. The journey has been absolutely life-transforming and ecstatic for them, opening states of bliss and consciousness to them that they never thought possible. To make these experiences accessible to YOU and to any man-who-loves-men ready for this, Jason and Ingo founded Tantra4GayMen in 2008. Over 10,000 men have since experienced their work, be in a workshop, a festival, a longer training, or on a one-to-one basis. Jason and Ingo's message is simple: Opening to Love, to total Connection, and to true Self-Acceptance - these are the ingredients to bring you to a "Tantric State of Being", from which you can then access and navigate deeper levels of Reality - the Reality that is beyond anything that you normally experience, that is full Bliss, pure Consciousness, and an infinite array of Ways of Being that are waiting for you to be explored. The Tantra4GayMen Diploma is the centerpiece of Jason and Ingo's teachings, specifically designed to support you to open yourself to these states and create the pathways for you to deeply experience these in ways that you have never imagined. Jason and Ingo have trained in a wide array of modalities and skills, both professionally and personally, and they bring these skills and experiences to you to make YOUR personal transformation the focus of their trainings. 

Jason commenced his training as a Tantra Teacher when he was just 18. Besides his extensive training and lifelong vocation in Neo-Tantra, his background includes Psychotherapy, Spiritualism, several modalities of Energy Work, and Eastern forms of Ecstatic Satsang and Darshan. After a very successful corporate career in business, he received his degree in Integrative Counselling from Bristol University (UK), and has worked professionally with male survivors of rape and abuse as well as a Family Therapist. He continues to explore and learn Tantra and other spiritual modalities with several masters around the world. To learn more about Jason, click here.

Ingo has trained in Neo-Tantra extensively since 2005, and taught Tantra since 2009. Before following the call of his soul and making Tantra his full-time vocation, he had a successful academic career as a university professor specializing in research in the field of Development Studies. Besides Tantra, he has since followed his interest and trained in and several more arcane spiritual disciplines (ask him over a cup of tea when you meet him). The incredible world of Meditation has become his specialty, and he is continuously developing new processes and methods to bring you the full potential of meditation in Tantra. To learn more about Ingo, click here.

Jason and Ingo uniquely bring you all of their experience, love and being to offer you a pathway to freedom. "We can't wait to welcome you and show you some of the most amazing experiences of your life."

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