Master Joshua


Master Joshua is a PRO-Dom based out of NYC, and a co-host of Corrosion, a monthly, leather-themed fetish party in NYC for gay, bi & pan-sexual men. Their mission is to provide education, a supportive, comfortable, & welcoming place for men wanting to explore the deeper facets of what the BDSM lifestyle entails. Corrosion is propelled by the social aspect of what our BDSM events consist of. They believe in the power of connection & the depth of which dynamics can really grow from. 

Master Joshua in his own words:

I am an established educator, event promoter and PRO lifestyle Dominant. I am a FIRM believer in the benefits of engaging on different levels in this lifestyle and tuning it to meet the specific needs of the people I engage with professionally. My purpose with providing these experiences is to put you in touch with a deeper, more primal sense of self. Accountability. Respect. Communication. Just 3 words that shifted my life completely. To engage on levels of openness & clarity. Seeing how I can impact an individual’s life through such simple & selfless behavior’. The first steps of affecting change so simple, yet so difficult for many. I believe we have a very primal sense of connection. We are taught through culture, religion & other societal norms that our primal feelings are “wrong” and “Immoral”. These practices make us feel “less than”. They invalidate those desires and make us question who we really are. But, who are we when we delve deeper than the norms we are molded into? Let's find out.