Joseph Casan

Joseph Casan Headshot.jpg

SOAK UP THE SUN PRESENTER - Joseph is a spiritual coach and counselor who uses his exquisite life experiences and highly evolved intuitive gifts to lead others to transformation and success in their personal and professional lives. He employs direct knowing, seeing and hearing. He has a Master's in a Master's in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica as well as a Master's in Spiritual Science from the non-denominational, ecumenical institution (universal wisdoms) Peace Awareness Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. He is also a Minister in the Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness, and has experience and specialized training in trauma counseling as well. 

He will be presenting: Chakra/Energy Balancing

In this workshop, participants will learn how to activate and open the body's energy centers/chakras and will practice increasing their awareness of distributing their life energy throughout their entire body including the heart. We as men are often trapped in the mind which traps us in our ego. Consciously using the breath, we can operate more out of our heart as well as fully possess our sexual power. This workshop will practice and offer simple tools around opening the chakras, breathing techniques for distributing energy throughout the body as well as meditations meant to calm the mind so we can observe where we are in our Self as well as specific techniques for caring for our heart.