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Welcome to Living Soulfully!

Are you looking for deeper interactions?  Let us introduce you to the Living Soulfully community!

Living Soulfully groups are an extension of the mission of Easton Mountain, a retreat center and community of men who love men in upstate NY. One of the ways this community connects off the land is through local Living Soulfully groups.This website serves as a gateway to those local chapters where people are connecting authentically.They host gatherings that include speakers, discussions, talks, dinners, book readings, performances and more to foster community and to further the mission of Easton Mountain..

See the Local Chapters section below to contact your closest group or join their mailing list. 

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Choose a chapter close to you! If you don't see one near you, START A LOCAL CHAPTER! 

These chapters are currently inactive or on Hiatus. Let us know if you would like to help us reactivate one of them!  

About       Chapters       Events       History       Vision       Resources

Find a Living Soulfully event coming up near you! 

About       Chapters       Events       History       Vision       Resources


Living Soulfully is a conscious community of men who love men nurturing individual and collective spiritual growth. is a gateway website supporting local communities who are enacting that vision in ways that best serve their communities.

This site is maintained by volunteers who want to support community growth. Suggestions about the site can be addressed to Questions for local communities are best addressed directly to them.

About       Chapters       Events       History       Vision       Resources


Living Soulfully was originally founded in Boston by men who had been to  Easton Mountain, a gay men’s retreat center in upstate New York. They wanted to have experiences of authenticity, spirituality, and growth closer to home.

Now Living Soulfully groups meet in various locations, still supporting authentic connection between the men who gather.

About       Chapters       Events       History       Vision       Resources


These are resources Living Soulfully members have found helpful for LGBT spiritual and personal growth experiences, including retreats, workshops and travel.

Easton Mountain Retreat Center
Greenwich, New York

Rowe Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Men
Rowe, MA

U.U. Rowe Camp and Conference Center
Rowe, MA

Wildwood Conservation Foundation and Retreat Center
Guernville, California

Gay Spirit Visions
Atlanta, Georgia

Nehirim: GLBT Jewish Culture and Spirituality

Spirit Journeys: Gay Bi mens retreats,workshops, travel

Source Events: Gay Travel Co.

Queer Spirit – Salt Lake City, Utah

Kripalu Center for Yoga
Stockbridge, Massachusetts