Ray R.

This practice speaks to me, so I can only speak in personal terms. There's something incredibly powerful about accessing direct revelation through journeying. Shamanism returns power ...

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Here's what some past participants of the Quest have said!
  • Just wonderful, ecstatic and scary
  • The structure is really good as it addresses my emotional needs
  • One of the most welcoming atmospheres I’ve ever experienced as a grown up
  • The ability to breathe easily and connect with others
  • Perhaps the most emotional program I’ve ever experienced in my life and in a good way!
  • This has been a very revealing and difficult journey for me - it has made me confront a lot of ‘blocks’ and negative triggers. I wasn't totally aware of and its given me tools to start dealing with them.
  • A clear process for change
  • I felt I learned a lot about my own remembered pain.
  • Positive uplifting grounding. The best 3 days in the last 3 months. This was the best journey of my life as I learnt through my emotions. It has had a huge impact on me. I have never felt lighter.
  • Self satisfaction and never felt so seen, heard and met at a place where I can call home. I was lost but have found myself.
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QuestFreddy FreemanComment
Nick C.

"I have been a participant in Arnie’s massage workshops at Easton Mountain.  I am very interested in touch and healing modalities and love to be in situations where I can be mentored and can learn by doing.  Arnie has a gift for creating a comfortable setting for everyone to grow into the healer that they are meant to be.  He integrates tantric techniques, breath work, an understanding of chakras as well as massage strokes into his sessions.  But most of all, he finds time to individually guide and encourage." - Nick C

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ECT17Freddy FreemanComment
Rob B.

“I have taken several workshops with Arnie. Arnie’s workshops are fun!  He offers just the right amount of instruction, a safe and organized environment, and an invitation not to take things too seriously.  He helps us to be fully present and to bring all of ourselves into the room. Arnie holds a huge heart-centered space so we can be ourselves, feel what we feel, feel safe, and connect with the group.  I always feel more alive and cared for after his workshops.” - Rob B.

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ECT17Freddy FreemanComment
2007 - 2015

" ... I learned a lot of new things, some of which are new phrases, ideas, or connections I've never thought about before. Journeys I've never done before.  So thanks again, I really feel like my shamanic practice has moved to a higher level….”   - 2007 Retreat

 “… Over the course of the weekend each of you men said things that rang the gong of my soul, whether you knew it or not.  Thank you for being that conduit of Spirit …” 2007 Retreat

 “... Last weekend was AMAZING, I'm still tingling from it ...”  - 2009 Retreat

“ ... My heart opened up to receive so much love in this retreat we both came home with such beautiful memories….” - 2010 Retreat

 “… I’m still shining all over from the medicine, guidance, and caring connection we all shared at Easton. Thank you so much brothers ….” - 2015 Retreat

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