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2007 - 2015

" ... I learned a lot of new things, some of which are new phrases, ideas, or connections I've never thought about before. Journeys I've never done before.  So thanks again, I really feel like my shamanic practice has moved to a higher level….”   - 2007 Retreat

 “… Over the course of the weekend each of you men said things that rang the gong of my soul, whether you knew it or not.  Thank you for being that conduit of Spirit …” 2007 Retreat

 “... Last weekend was AMAZING, I'm still tingling from it ...”  - 2009 Retreat

“ ... My heart opened up to receive so much love in this retreat we both came home with such beautiful memories….” - 2010 Retreat

 “… I’m still shining all over from the medicine, guidance, and caring connection we all shared at Easton. Thank you so much brothers ….” - 2015 Retreat

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