Easton Mountain is a community, retreat center, and sanctuary created by gay men as a gift to the world. Through workshops, programs, and events we provide opportunities to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit. We offer our land, rich in beauty and wisdom, as a home to a community that extends beyond the land. We are a worldwide fellowship of people enriched by our connection to Easton Mountain. This fellowship is a force for positive change in the world.

We value:

  • Each individual's spiritual path and the quest for connection and understanding.

  • Stewardship of our beautiful earth.

  • The joy and wisdom our bodies bring.

  • Expressions of love, intimacy, and erotic communion.

  • Service, and those who strive to make life better for others.

  • Creativity, celebration, fun, and gaiety.

  • Respect, honesty, and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

  • Community, the support it provides, and the strength and love it brings.

  • Work towards peace, nonviolence, and social justice; ending oppression, and healing its impact on all people.

  • Hospitality that welcomes all others as sisters and brothers.

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