Flashback Friday - Episode 74, Contra Dancing

For over a dozen years, Katherine Wedderburn and The Eclectic Dance Orchestra have been a regular feature at many of our camp programs.  Many men look forward to the evening when Katherine leads us in contra dancing.

Men contra dancing

Here is a photo of Katherine dancing with Harry Faddis, who is always one of the camp hosts.

Harry dancing with Katherine

Sunfire remembers the first time Katherine came to Easton:

One of the facilitators was offering an impromptu half-hour workshop in how to wear a sarong.  I came into the great room to find twenty or so men all taking off and putting on sarongs, while Katherine and her musicians were setting up in the south east corner.  Katherine wasn't phased by all the undressing and dressing.

We quickly learned that she loves to come to Eaton Mountain, and most camp participants look forward to having her here.  

Men contra dancing

Contra dancing is a regular part of Gay Freedom Camp and Gay Spirit Camp, and sometimes other camp programs.