Flashback Friday - Episode 67, The Car Wash

The first program developed at Easton Mountain for young adults was called Queer Spirit Camp (QSC).  It incorporated leadership training by bringing young people to Easton Mountain for off-season planning weekends.  The young people who were selected to come to these weekends had agreat influence on the QSC program and helped to run some of its sessions.

car wash 1

While most of the funding came from solicited donations and Easton Mountain's budget, at times the participants helped to raise funds. Here several alumni of the program, who also were volunteers at Easton Mountain, have set up a car wash.  It was the last day of one of our camps, and participants were encouraged to leave witha car freshly washed by QSC volunteers.


More recently, we've helped LGBTQ young adults through Arts in the Woods and our Easton Mountain Leadership Academy. Your donations help support programs like this.